Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Notes from the Newbie

So I’ve moved into Just Kampers Towers, have decorated a little with a simple blog and I have to say my first impression of the place has been overwhelming.

Firstly, I was told how beautiful the barn HQ was before I arrived but I really didn’t prepare myself to find the grounds as scenic as they are. You could hold the perfect wedding here without a problem - that is if you wanted to give the Managing Director an excuse to give us extra work as event organisers!

No, I think we better stick to what we are good at – providing you guys with fantastic parts from all over the world at the best possible prices.

The Just Kampers team have been amazing, making me feel like part of the gang in such a short space of time. One of my first tasks has been promoting our new, discounted Driveaway Spacemaker Tunnel Awning. I even quickly put one up so I knew exactly what I was writing about. When you see them standing there without the help of a camper you have to admit they are pretty cool.

One thing I would really like to hear about is your restoration success stories – that is if you are modest enough to let me put you on the site. I figured if enthusiasts could log onto JustKampers.com and learn about someone else’s achievements; nothing would be more inspiring for their Beetle and Campervan projects.

I really hope you guys enjoy catching up on news and events about everything that goes on at your favourite Volkswagen parts provider.

Mike Buonaiuto, Marketing and PR Assistant (Newbie)


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