Thursday, 2 April 2009

Unusual Camper Use....

It's no secret that when you buy your parts from Just Kampers, you usually intend to repair, tune or restore your Camper. That's just common sense, right? Think again. Our VW Camper parts are being used for all kinds of different reasons, some entirely unrelated to driving Campers at all.

The Sea Life Centre in Scheveningen, Holland, have used a T2 Split body supplied by JK in their latest Sea Life display. The premise behind it was to re-create a beach/surf feel to the area with lots of rock pools containing sea anemones and other creatures that would usually live in this type of environment.

The display project, undertaken by Creative Solutions TNI Ltd, proved to be quite a challenge to put together. Due to strict time constraints and a whole hotch potch of different Camper parts to contend with - the Creative Solutions team certainly had their work cut out for them.

However, with some clever carpentry and a solid steel frame to hold the tank in place, the display looks rather impressive. Although they aren't on in the picture - even the headlights work!The exhibition will stay in Scheveningen for about a year and then be moved on to another Sea Life Centre somewhere in Europe. Each centre has its own exhibition that gets moved on 12 months later and rotates around the other centres. Therefore, each display has to be designed so that it can be moved without too much difficult.
Have you come across any unusal Camper or Beetle use? Check out the forum thread and share your usual VW experiences and pictures with the rest of us at Just Kampers.
Richard Woods, Marketing and PR Executive

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