Wednesday, 15 April 2009

JK Starts Tweeting & Booking

With the internet rapidly expanding month on month, JK has decided that it has spent all too long dragging its heels and refusing to use some of the internet's most popular sites that have taken the world by storm. So to begin our quest in to the realm of Web 2.0, JK has enlisted on two of the most popular social networking sites - Facebook and Twitter.

JK now has its own 'Fan Page' of which anyone can become a fan; provided they have a Facebook account. Becoming a fan isn't just about showing your support for the company - being a fan will give you exclusive access to the following:

  • Interact with other VW Camper & Beetle enthusiasts, both familiar and new.
  • Have the chance to add other enthusiasts as friends on Facebook.
  • Post photos of you and your VW's for other fans to comment and discuss.
  • Post videos of you and your VW's for other fans to comment and discuss.
  • Create and participate in discussions about VW's and the world in general.
  • Post upcoming events and spread the word about your VW club.

If you're a 'Twitterer', you may be interested in following us on Twitter. If you become a follower of JK you'll benefit from the following features:

  • Be kept in the loop with what's happening in the world of JK.
  • Join the Twitter RSS feed to be automatically updated every day.
  • Be Exposed to voucher codes that are specifically for Twitter users.
  • Network with other VW enthusiasts.

So come and join JK in the world of social networking, we look forward to seeing you there!
Join Facebook (Remember to click 'Become A Fan' on the left hand side!)
Join Twitter (Remember to click 'Follow' on the link underneath the JK logo!)

Richard Woods, Marketing and PR Executive

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